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Employment Resources for Seniors

Employment Resources for Seniors in Tampa, Sarasota and Naples

Suncoast Jobs has partnered with the Work Matters! and Financial Concerns group to aid seniors in gaining re-employment here on the Suncoast (Tampa - Naples). The Work Matters! and Financial Concerns group is comprised of area organizations that advocate for the 55+ population who comprise a significant component of the workforce and desire to contribute to the current and future economic growth of Manatee and Sarasota Counties. To learn more about this group and their activities, click here.

Benefits to Seniors

The origanizations that comprize the Work Matters! and Financial Concerns group offer many benefits to seniors who are seeking employment. Many offer free resources to the community. By taking advantage of these resources, you will:

( 1 ) Learn how to connect with employers on-line.
( 2 ) Learn how to start your own business after age 50.
( 3 ) Learn how to become a senior-preneur.
( 4 ) Learn how to overcome age discrimination in the workplace.

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Organizational Resources

AARP Foundation WorkSearch
1750 17th Street, Bldg. M, Sarasota, FL, 34234 Map
Wes Knadle
Job Developer
(941) 366-9039 Phone

Please call 941-366-9039      
         for available jobs

AARP Foundation WorkSearch is a Federal Grant program (tax dollars at work) providing Work Search assistance and employment placement for work-ready seniors aged 55+. In order for a person to receive assistance in the program, they must be 55+, unemployed, live in Sarasota County, and have low income.

For Unemployed Seniors:
If qualified and circumstances allow, a senior could be placed in a temporary work assignment where they earn minimum wage for part-time work while they continue to look for other regular, non-subsidized employment. During this time AARP Work Search assists the enrollee to obtain a productive job that will help them enjoy a good quality of life.

For Employers:
If you have job positions to fill for anything from custodian, to admin assistant, to sales manager, we can help. Our services are free and provide:

1) qualifying and pre-screening applicants to meet your employment needs

2) incentive programs for employers including two week paid "trial employment" or paid training

3) candidates are immediately available through our data base of 100's or we will begin actively advertising to fill your open position

The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County
The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County
340 S. Tuttle Ave. Sarasota FL, 34237 Map
Laurin Ripley
Project Manager
(941) 366-1700 Phone

See calendar below for workshop times offered.

The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County has extensive experience helping women 50+ return to the workforce by giving a combination of self esteem building and job skills necessary to achieve their goals. The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County creates professional, personal, and social growth opportunities for women in our community. We provide women with strategies for living and working that strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County offers continuous support for as long as needed. The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County is non-profit organization with offices in Sarasota, Venice, Englewood and Northport FL. The following is a list of job related programs offered.

Returnship Program - On-going, call for appointment
A comprehensive curriculum created to help women get back into the workforce or to change careers and gain confidence in their job search. The job skills covered are computer skills, interview skills, resume skills. Also included are soft skills, communication skills, business etiquette, time management, dressing for success and much more. Classes also include self esteem, mentoring, and support.

Employment Success Class - Monday's 1 - 3pm
Cutting edge tips for today’s resume, interviewing skills and job search strategies. Learn market insights and trends.

Job Seekers Group – Wed’s 10 - 11:30am
An encouraging, supportive, group for job seekers. A different timely topic presented each week.

How to Start & Manage Your Own Business - Monday's 6 - 9pm
This is a 10 part class that repeats on Monday evenings. You can begin in the middle of the workshop. Classes will be repeated. Call 941-366-1700 for details.

Senior Friendship Centers
Senior Friendship Centers
1888 Brother Geenan Way, Sarasota, FL 34236 Map
Frank Clark
Retired Executive VP, Author & Job Re-Entry Trainer
(941) 556-3214

See calendar below for workshop times offered.

Between Successes. Re-Entering the Work Force
Learn what you need to compete in today’s world of work:

-   Refresh your resume
-   Work with Marketing andNetworking Skills
-   How to Have a Winning Interview
-   Employment Agencies,Classified Ads and Job Research Techniques

Free Assistance & Support
Call (941) 556-3214 to schedule an appointment. Sponsored by the Senior Friendship Centers.

SCORE, Counselor's to America's Small Businesses
SCORE, Counselor's to America's Small Businesses
2801 Fruitville Road, STE 280, Sarasota, FL 34237 Map
Gregg Hoffmann
(941) 955-1029 Phone

See calendar below for workshop times offered.

SCORE® is a national, non-profit organization with over 12,000 members which began in 1964. We are a group of working and retired business executives who donate our time assisting people in starting-up new businesses or providing business mentoring for existing businesses. Make a smart start and begin your journey for small business success today! SCORE® mentoring services are free, confidential and on-going. SCORE® is a resource partner with the Small Business Administration.

QuickSTART Workshop Series:
-   Start-up Basics (FREE)
-   Business Concept
-   Marketing Plan
-   Financial Projections
-   Funding Sources

Specialized Workshops:
-   Building your Business Plan
-   Manage & Grow Existing Business
-   Web Site Basics
-   Web Marketing and Social Media
-   Workshops are led by experienced professionals and retired executives. Our SCORE® volunteers share
    their talents, ideas and experiences with prospective entrepreneurs or existing business owners who
    desire to improve productivity and profitability.

To Register for a Workshop:
Visit our website at

1) Click "Workshops" in left column
2) Workshop Information will appear
3) Find Workshop and Date desired
4) Click on the link to Register
5) Complete the required forms
6) Startup Basics is FREE! The cost of other workshops is $25.00 payable by credit card when you register
    or by check at the workshop.
7) Confirmation email returned to you

If you have questions about our Workshops or experience any problems registering on our website, please contact us at 941-955-1029.

Caryl T. Lenahan
Retirement Breakthrough Learning Center
Caryl T. Lenahan
Founder & Director
Sarasota, FL
(941) 377-6565 Office
(941) 232-2090 Cell

See calendar below for workshop times offered.

How to Set Up Lifetime Streams of Income and do What YOU Love in Retirement!

Where Am I?
-   Facing My Concerns about Retirement Income?
-   How Do I Make Up For Not Saving Enough?

What Do I Want?
-   Income That Lasts My Lifetime
-   Not to Be a Burden on My Children & Family
-   Matching My Priorities & Lifestyle With My Income

What Are My Resources?
-   Understanding Monthly Cash Flow
-   Understanding Investment Growth/Income
-   Protecting My Investments from Market Loss

What Actions Must I Take?
-   Start My Plan for Streams of Lifetime Income
-   Planning for Life’s Contingencies: Death of Spouse, LTC & Housing Changes

Plans for Doing What I Love
-   Working and Earning Longer
-   Mid-Life Work Changes/ Lifestyle Changes

-   Four Classes, plus Coaching: Call (941)377-6565 for exact dates.
-   Individual $100 if paid upfront; Couple or Bring a Friend $150. Per Class: $30

Sandra K. Kassalow, Momentum Coaching & Training
Sandra K. Kassalow, Momentum Coaching & Training
Kassalow Training & Development
(941) 377-6565 Office

See calendar below for workshop times offered.

Between Successes. Re-Entering the Work Force

President of Kassalow Training & Development, a consulting firm established in 1976 specializing in customized, skill-based experimental and interactive management and employee seminars, Sanda is presently affiliated with Momentum Coaching and Training as well. Her clients include American Express Company, Chase Manahattan Bank, Mitsubishi International Corporation, Merrill Lynch and many other Fortune 100 and 500 companies, universities, hospitals, government agencies and law firms. She has been a visiting lecturer at universities and has been interviewed for magazine articles and the New York Times and has appeared on videos, radio and television.

Leading in the New "Retirement Revolution" in Troubled Economic Times

The concept of retirement is rooted in the 20th century and bears little resemblance to 21st century realities. A colossal demographic shift is on the horizon. There is no precendent for this future gap in the workforce, yet we need to be mindful of the economic times. How do we keep our business strong while maneuvering this maze?

This presentation will help guide local employers deal with upcoming labor and talent shortages during difficult economic times.

Help to gain knowledge about the "Encore Society" and work re-orientation. Learn how your organization can provide a new phase of work / life balance for your mature, experienced and loyal employees while reaping bottom line organizational benefits.

Getting the best from your experienced workers. Explore strategies for potential retirees to keep fully engaged and motivated in the critical "Red Zone" (five years before retirement time). Create a corps of "prepared Workers" to learn and or use skills that match hard-to-fill jobs.

Generations working together to ensure knowledge transfer. Reap an experience dividend from the enormous human capital investments that were made in the boomer generation. It's time to enhance the company's culture and connect employees to each other and the company through communication between generations at work today. How best to incorporate "Transfer of Knowledge" and mentoring opportunities to meet your organization's needs.

State College of Florida
State College of Florida
7131 Professional Pkwy. E., Sarasota, FL 34240 Map
Carolyn Griffin
Asst Director, Business Resource Center
(941) 408-1413 Office

See calendar below for workshop times offered.

The State College of Florida (SCF) Small Business Development Center (SDBC) provides no-cost counseling and low-cost workshops for entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs of all ages, including seniors.

Workshop Times & Locations

Senior Citizen Employment Services Employment Services for Seniors

Testimonials by Seniors

"As a participant of WRC’s Returnship Program, I was offered sessions to assist me with re-entry into the professional business world. As a result, I have gained the confidence to now fulfill my personal goal of resuming the entrepreneurship of my small business in the Sarasota area.

The Returnship Director, along with my personal Returnship Mentor offered weekly encouragement, support, and helpful resource information to assist me in my life-transition process. This included business classes, self-esteem workshops, image consultation workshop, entrepreneurial workshop, and information to aid my research for other community programs."

"How fortunate I am to have participated in the WRCSC Returnship program after my job was downsized. The business classes, seminars, information and individual support changed a time that could have been sad, dark and lonely into a period of learning and new business opportunity.

The Returnship program is of priceless support and great value to the individual women, her family and our business community."

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Additional Resource

Shock of Gray
Author, Ted C. Fishman

The Aging of the World's Population and How it Pits Young Against Old, Child Against Parent, Worker Against Boss, Company Against Rival, and Nation Against Nation

The world’s population is rapidly aging—by the year 2030, one billion people will be sixty-five or older. As the ratio of the old to the young grows ever larger, global aging has gone critical: For the first time in history, the number of people over age fifty will be greater than those under age seventeen. Few of us under­stand the resulting massive effects on economies, jobs, and families. Everyone is touched by this issue—parents and children, rich and poor, retirees and workers—and now veteran jour­nalist Ted C. Fishman masterfully and movingly explains how our world is being altered in ways no one ever expected.

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